For centuries, nitrites are used as a preservative to keep meat was used fresh, but very little about the harmful effects of nitrite on the body known While nitrites meat enter their fresh color, flavor and kill toxic bacteria, if used improperly. Nitrites create carcinogenic chemicals of course, consumers are concerned with the discoloration seen in bacon. An issue OU shares researcher says Richter-Addo.

The research team led by George Richter-Addo and Jun Yi, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry in the OU College of Arts and Sciences discovered out that the green pigment in nitrite bacon and other meats see because of an unusual chemical reaction of nitrite with the meat protein myoglobin. But more research into the effects of nitrite nitrite, particularly on the physiological function of myoglobin and other proteins required.Survey results that almost one third of all doctors can do nothing from the suffocation playing and the warning signs include bruising around the neck, headache, blood shot eyes, ties, belts or cords to unusual places or attached at there weird knots or wear on furniture.

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