For further information and, in AIDS advocacy work, please contact the AIDS Institute 974-2598 974-2598, or by e-mail:the AIDS Institute is a nonprofit organization that promotes action for social change through public policy research, Advocacy and community education . For more information,health experts Who Take ‘ Virginity Pledges ‘ Substitute Other High-Risk Behavior for Intercourse, says studyChicago Tribune Examines virginity agrees to the Chicago Tribune on Sunday examined virginity pledges and the latest ‘craze ‘of ‘purity rings ‘that many teenagers wear abstinence abstinence – until – marriage vows. Despite the recent increase in the purity rings and abstinence programs – some of which receive federal funding under the Bush administration – teen health experts say that most young people break their promises before they are married. In addition, these health experts also say there is no ‘hard evidence ‘the programs the programs teen pregnancy or the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, according to the Tribune did Bruckner Bruckner, the pledgers ‘ increased likelihood of substituting oral or anal sex for vaginal intercourse it is the risk of contracting STDs, by Bruckner. Were Among virgins boys required abstinence had four times as likely in anal sex than those who do not pledge and the pledgers were six times as likely to have engaged in oral sex as teenagers have committed, the young women were not taking a pledge, according to the study. Also also teenage virginity pledges made rare to to use during their first sexual experiences and to be less tested for sexually transmitted diseases, the study found (Detroit Free Press.

In addition to determining funding for the Ryan White CARE Act, the Subcommittee suggested an increase of only $ 145 million to the National Institutes of Health and Centers for cutting agent Disease Control and Prevention. – ‘The prevention and care situation is getting more dire Funds are needed to promote HIV prevention and funding needs to be increased to accommodate the growing number of customers and costs needs to provide medical care, support and life-saving drugs. Said Marylin Merida, president of the AIDS Institute.

Normally. Cocaine Lasting Cellular EffectsThough the crack baby hysterical the 1980s been greatly exaggerated, of cocaine during the pregnancy can be create subtle yet deactivate cognitive impairments – attention disorders learning difficulties and emotional problems.

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