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Netzhaut Dezember 2002.

The authors say larger portions, increasing the daily calorie intake and physical inactivity, the real reasons why so many Americans are fighting the bulge. – In 1992, the United States Departments of Agriculture and Health and Human Services of the Food Guide Pyramid as an educational tool to teach people how to achieve a healthy lifestyle with a healthy diet and incorporating regular physical activity into a daily routine.Open glaucoma pathology after identification of of the Glaucoma genesglaucoma – a leading cause vision loss and blindness world – runs in families. A team of investigators at Vanderbilt University and University of Florida has identified a new candidate gene is for the most common to the ocular disease, primary open-angle glaucoma .

‘.. High pressure in the within the eye is an strong risk factor for POAG. Pressure rises account of the increased resistance against the flow of the the aqueous humor from of eye anterior chamber . Care treatments for POAG experimental eye pressure by reducing the aqueous humor formation or operationally a clear reduction ‘drain’. ‘The is known decades that the basic the pressure in POAG, because the outflow path to aqueous fluid functions do not,’said Rachel Kuchtey, eye care and Visual Sciences and principal investigator of the most recent studies. – ‘sort of kind of simple – there is a decline in the rate of aqueous flowing sight,’said John Kuchtey, research instructor in eye care and Visual Sciences, and first author of of the article.

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