For Serge Rivest and his team, microgliaearch Canadian Canadian Institutes of Health Research , microglia are not part of the problem, but of its solution. These researchers have observed, even though the brain resident microglia appear to be equipped not bad for combating amyloid plaques, an entirely different case for a different type of microglia prevails: the stem cells from the bone marrow.

For more information: Serge Rivest CHUL Research Centre Laval Universit Tel: 656-4141, ext 46236 or 654-2296also on the position of study. Quirion R Wed? scientific Director of CIHR INMHA Tel: 941-4563Anne Martin-Matthews, scientific Director of CIHR IA Phone: 941-4563. Sources: Jean? Fran ois Hupp Laval University Media Relations Tel: 656-7785Pierre Lafleur Communications Industry Centre hospitalier universitaire de Qu bec Tel:?After the merger, Yamanouchi and Fujisawa achieve R & D investment of 150 billion yen is, making it the largest within the nation and makes it possible compete with large international pharmaceutical company.

The global race between businesses new drugs new drugs rising levels of rising levels of Q & D investments and led to the establishment of giants such as Pfizer Inc., a U.S. In England and France have been to huge businesses. Consequently, it may on early to draw any conclusions as to whether the new Japanese be in a position for be able to challenges the overseas giants, are equipped with immense resources and network -.

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