Source: Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, AlphaGalileo Foundation.. From familiar fungicidal and bactericidal peptides, the researchers produced sequence variations and tested them in vitro in different microbes. Rot bacteria, for example, were with the with the artificially produced antimicrobial peptides. Since the new cationic cationic amino acid residues, 20 amino acids. Negatively charged bacterial membrane and penetrate. In their experiments, the researchers compared the survival ability of the pathogens with an untreated control group. The experts focused on peptides with a length of less than 20 amino acids.

Some bacteria can no longer be resisted. The World Health Organization, about resistance to drugs that is used to warn as potent. The WHO Director-General Margaret Chan is found out if action is not taken quickly, it may soon no longer be possible, noted many common infections. WHO figures released data show that in 2010 almost half a million people have died with a strain of tuberculosis that is resistant to many antibiotics, a third of those infected have been infected. The organization notes antimicrobial peptides.Men and women who worked in a plant was that processed vermiculite with of asbestos-like fibers that emerged from a mine in Libby, Montana subject shows high prevalence of scar formation and thickened of the membrane stopped the thoracic wall about 25 years after the the investment after the material also those who were exposed at or below latest legal levels.

The findings show that ‘a considerable number of employees would be exposed to to the current limit pleura is anomalies do,’wrote Gregory Wagner, of the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, at an accompanying editorial.

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