The current and obvious answer for this debate seems to rest squarely with the SIDS issue in co-sleeping practices are inextricably intertwined .From the 292nd According to Ms.Many of these women admit co-sleeping with their children, and start for some, this practice in hospital maternity ward setting.Ms Drever – Smith ‘s research focuses on the practices and beliefs of midwives surrounding co-sleeping in the hospital maternity units and their subsequent effects on the parental co-sleeping practices.

Today women approaching motherhood with fewer examples of birth and parenthood. Summarized with an increasing incidence of smaller families and later birth has little contact with pregnancy, breastfeeding and parenting.

[ From: ‘the Rise in Primary cesarean births in the U.S., 1991 – 2002: altering typology of Risk Profiles or modify Practice’touch: Eugene R. Declercq, at Boston University School of Public Health].

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