Hansen believes that teachings teachings through the merger all three channels are learned, or at least the opening of the current data between silos. He says: With much of the negative incident reporting system, we very, that the incidents will tell people never want to lead any compensation or disciplinary action: When it comes to collective learning require patients or family members , or want to make a compensation insurance. Claim it. Complained to the Patient Insurance Association, an independent authority, the need to increase funded by taxpayers If we have access to this additional information, Hansen continues, we are sure we can learn a lot more to pass on to the public health authorities, which is another area of interest for us ..

An example of the system in operation is that a pharmaceutical company, who requested to change the font on his degree in medicine labels, was able to see that doctors are more clearly the scale was converted into the dosage. It is assumed that the previous error reading overdoses had causing was tragically brought at least two deaths related.####the the INTERHEART study was commissioned by which Canadian Institutes of Health Research , to the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario and 37 sources of funding, including full support to from multiple pharmaceutical industry financing.

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