Heating heart with catheter Better Than Drugs For Common heart rhythm disordertreatment of a common heart rhythm disorder by burning heart tissue with a catheter works dramatically better than drug treatments, has a large international study.was called A year after passing through a catheter treatment, called 63 % of patients with an irregular heartbeat atrial fibrillation free of recurrent atrial arrhythmias or symptoms. In comparison, only 17 % of people treated with drugs were arrhythmia – free. Results were so convincing, the study was stopped early.

The ablation group also scored significantly higher on a quality-of-life scale.The study comprised 167 patients at 19 centers, including 15 centers in the United States. Lead researcher Dr. David Wilber presented results at Heart Rhythm 2009, the Company’s 30th Annual Scientific Sessions. Wilber is director of the Cardiovascular Institute at Loyola University Stritch School of Medicine in Maywood. ### – Tip sheet Annals of Internal Medicine.Inheritance and Polycystic Kidney DiseaseThe same study concluded the twin a Swimming Pool. Influence of heredity on renal protein elimination Elimination the protein albumin the urine is a sign for kidney disease, which can be a complication of diabetes. University of California, San Diego Health Sciences 200 West Arbor Dr. San Diego.

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