Conversely, we do not know whether favorable risk reduction behaviors, once learned, can be maintained in the coming years, ‘said Shepherd. This is the only cancer that we are the cause, which is a pre – invasive stage the cure, and has a vaccine has know there is really no reason be in existence today, ‘Ramondetta said.. He also noted, that most studies only measured short-term effects. Most studies have only followed the women six to 12 months after the tests.

Writer Shepherd and his colleagues examined 23 randomized controlled studies of sexual risk behavior among women 25 and younger, a group particularly prone reduce for HPV infection. Most of the training programs was in the United States health care or family planning clinics.Signed in the Syrian Arab Red Crescent and UNICEF Syria a cooperation agreement providing humanitarian aid to women and children refugees fleeing Iraq. Agreeing includes an initial amount of 11 million SYP of projects until 2007.

Finally, a resource center to the psycho-social support and protect children and administered accessible from of SARC for all the partners in providing humanitarian support for Iraq refugee children. And Family involved the city is an provide to the setting of standards, ensuring quality control services and development of communication and lobby as well turntable for hub for partner.

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