Head physician Dr.ies born by caesarean deliverya cesarean a cesarean delivery for her first child continues have fewer children than have fewer children than women who give birth in the traditional way have. This is shown in a study by the Norwegian Institute of Public Health and the University of Bergen.

12 % lower – the results show , when the child was born dead or died within the first year of life, the number of subsequent pregnancies was not reduced. If the child survives, but there were more women who did not have more than one child this was compared to women birth in the traditional manner.Both processes were recommended to the old policy of declaration of ABC. For instance, the old policy recommend delayed introducing cow’s milk a high risk baby had 12 months old until for it, with others foods such as fish and groundnuts only it was years old years old.

She also said that that replacing the the old policy dietary restrictions probably will not have a major effect as not many people followed it anyway.

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