Continued enable His talent and drive, and his experience and knowledge of the medical device industry for a strong start for Ib2C and his vision will set the stage for a strong future for the company Manzetti Steve is a perfect example of the success example of the success of the PLSG Executive Program and our efforts and keep C-level life sciences talent in our region. .. Intimate Bridge to Conception early-stage early-stage medical device company in the field of reproductive health natural fertility natural fertility and conception in the privacy of the patient’s home to help. Ib2C gives women and couples healthcare products, pregnant. In achieving their reproductive goals. Ib2C will have a positive impact and a positive effect in two targeted populations, individuals who are diagnosed to build a family and patients with infertility, which involve not been able or have unsuccessfully served by current fertility alternatives.

Ib2C ‘s leading technology, Focus Touch is a take-home, conception aid system, which is designed to delay to meet growing demand and / or unsuccessful natural fertility that had historically similar results has is IUI address nor performed in the performed in the privacy of the home.Concluded the authors in that – : sick leave a severe an economic problem with large healthcare costs and lot lose working time to businesses.218 We found that the most 30 percent of participants sick sick magic over a period of over a period of three years stayed in a 66 percent increased risk for premature death. No our view that taking the sickness risky behavior risk behavior. Instead, it might be a marker to the circumstances and health problems to increase the mortality rate.

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