In other words, in fact, the link between common mental disorders and more sick days.Advantages of prospective studiesThis is the first study showing with a long enough follow-up period , that the impact of mental disorders on sick leave remains over time. ‘Previous research patient data patient data, organizational data and diagnoses of sick leave certificates or in studies where the prevalence was measured by mental disorders on sick leave based on the latter is a problem because we do not know what comes first, sickness or mental problems ‘, Knudsen explains..

Since this was a prospective study, the following persons with and without common mental disorders over time, it provides evidence that common mental disorders increase the risk of disease around days and not otherwise. Without people with common mental disorders suffered several episodes of sick leave during the follow-up period, suggesting that affect both health status and mental problems mutually and therefore leaves a ‘vicious circle ‘of repeated patient.Chemoembolisation by Radio frequency ablation to patient with hepatocellular carcinoma Combining bigger than 3 cm. O Randomized Controlled Trial Bao-Quan Cheng, Chong Qi Jia, Chun – Tao Liu, Wei feel, Qing – Liang Wang, Zong – Li Zhang, Cui – Hua Yi JAMA 2008;. 299 :1669-1677 Click this for journaling.

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