In the future. Cost of Quality Care – UNISON Response, UKUNISON, the union social workers 300,000 today the government to sit and called on the announcement of a new report*, which shows that high-quality care depends on quality of staff. The union of the narrow focus on cash for the elderly on, how best to provide good quality health care switch is calling? – Helga Pile, UNISON National Officer for Social Care Workers.

‘the current political debate hung up on different ways to get people to pay for their care in the future. But new financing new financing statement must of necessity more nurses and train them better, so that our older people with the dignity and security they deserve, live ‘.The Multix Select DR was developed by a joint German / Chinese / Spanish engineering team. The first systems are supposedly are comes in the autumn 2011, once they existed country-specific approvals.

Bernd Ohnesorge, ray tube Siemens Healthcare, X-Ray Products. So far, is a fully digital X-ray system priced only in the higher level. To the by Multix Select will Siemens be now be able, the fast, accurate and environmentally friendly technology, at a price, approximately one third below comparable predecessor model, have products by Siemens. As such, the Multix Select DR is attractive for Customers who were would pay so far only analogue radiographic system.. X-ray examinations digital Radiology Imagers multi Accessible by Multix Select DR digital X Ray system of.

With this new Multix Select DR digital X Are -ray system of , Siemens has an inexpensive solution on the market, is brought will fit nearly all X-ray examinations.

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