Predicting the development of a patient’s tumor highly personalized cancer therapy Advanceresearchers from the University of Miami and the University of Heidelberg in Germany have to understand a mathematical model and predict the progress of a tumor developed from its early stages to metastasis, in the hope of creating highly personalized treatment strategies for patients who have cancer. The results are published in new online journal Nature Scientific Reports.

When a tumor forms in the landscape of the human body, one of two things can happen: the tumor and stop its growth dormant or it may grow by a network of underlying vessels as the tumor expands nurtured developed. The ships also offer a way for the cancer cells to other parts of the body to travel, settle and grow – a process called metastasis.The researchers explained that only by imagination do not eat a certain food the consumption of go down. Other words – ate the specified foods , had its consumption their consumption rather than imagining eat other foods such as potato crisps, to introduce order to reduce chocolate. – the Team members, to Professor Joachim Vosgerau said: Habituation is one the fundamental processes just how much we determine out of case of food or one product when it must cease consuming it, and change to if to consume other food or products consumed.

Manipulation In the next experiment the participants had the marketing of Coin coins and in a washing machine and Food that M & Ms. This result was the same, those who consume the 30 M & Ms introduced was eating chocolate less as a in the two other groups. These additional experimentation shown, – that participants gradually decreasing feeder meetings of their favorite fattening food to more fancy. It was created by habit and not by a change as perceived by the taste of foodstuff or a different suction mechanism.

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