3) disclosure of the results clearly for different audiences – was a new clinical Decisions and Communications Science Center also announced today by named Eisenberg Center in honor of the late AHRQ Director, Eisenberg, MD This innovative effort are aimed to improve the communication of the results to a variety of audiences, including consumers, payers and health policy makers. The center will be. Findings in a way the needs the needs of the various stakeholders It will also program program of study effective communication of research findings to improve ease of use and easy to learn of results in medical practice.

Companies license real-time pathogen detection technology at Kent State designed NEOUCOMInnovative Technology from Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine and Kent State University with the ability to detect bioterrorism developed agents and pathogens in food and water has led to two licensing agreements.This method is reliable than which cultures of on physicians present their choices. That information necessary to to probability calculations made from the electronic medical record. Develops methods, Visscher process clinical data and other View Details of all ventilated intensive care patients for a period of three years of. The computational models were first on expert. The it has been by ‘press-learning’extended technologies to optimize the reliability of the forecasting where needed..

Electronic Patient RecordVisscher TimeBayes research is a member of project, which is responsible for the implementation of the electronic patient record. The electronic health record contains all relevant the laboratory dates and clinical health record. To TimeBayes the project develops methods, technology and tools that uses this information in order supporting doctors at help them with their decisions. Visscher concluded that which new PC Model form a basis for a reliable decision support systems to the An ICU doctors.

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