ArmaGen Technologies is rolling out the BBB molecular Trojan equine system technology for solving the BBB drug delivery problem, and has utilized this technology to create a brain penetrating type of human EPO. Human EPO is normally fused to a genetically built monoclonal antibody to the human being insulin receptor . The HIRMAb acts as a molecular Trojan equine to ferry the EPO across the BBB via transportation on the endogenous BBB insulin receptor.And more recently there have been significant advances in determining proteins and receptors that are involved in regulating the individual circadian rhythm. Some of the proteins, such as the REV-ERB receptors, seem to be druggable, indicating we may be able to design drugs to improve the circadian rhythm. What potential benefits would the capability to alter the circadian rhythm have got? There are likely benefits that could arise from creating a drug to alter the circadian rhythm. It’s possible such drugs can cure sleeping disorders, for instance, or even to extend wakefulness in cases where it may be required or appropriate to take action. In addition, dysfunction in the circadian rhythm can be implicated in numerous diseases.

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