In addition, the new knowledge of the detailed interaction of these proteins with other cellular machinery has important information about how cells in general determine their shape revealed that a basic question in biology RGA2 and Cdc11 also in almost all eukaryotic found organisms Propecia arvostelua .

In two separate papers published last month in Developmental Cell and in August in The EMBO Journal, led the team of scientists led by Wang Yue, principal investigator at IMCB, have succeeded so far unknown mechanisms responsible for the onset of infectious stage of C. Albicans show. The fungus starts its ‘attack’ on a patient by changing its oval shape into a filamentous form, the thin thread – like appendages from the cell from the cell body. , who studied, who studied C. Albicans for more than seven years, was responsible for identifying the master ‘controller ‘protein called Hgc1 in 20041st This ‘controller ‘functions like a regulator and tells the fungus when transformation transformation of the harmless oval shape to the infectious filamentous form. ‘One question remained, however – how does it activate the cellular mechanisms that determine the fungal cell shape? ‘Wang said.

Injury Favor Stem Cell Research; Decline of ethical questions at the center of the debate.

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