Paul Ryan tries to Mitt Romney the Republican National Convention sellHe will be on Thursday evening from Romney, is the most important speech of his political career if he addresses the convention be followed. It is one of the last chances for Romney, in an interview with an estimated 50,000 in the hall , and potentially more than 30 million at home to free themselves from Obama for months when the two were tied in the polls.

He will drawing drawing sharp distinctions with Obama on economic policy, according to excerpts released ahead of the speech.Rice was adamant that they would not play a role in a Romney cabinet and told them to remain in academia.Ryan, in the speech the presentation itself the presentation itself, as as a his political career as a small-town common Joe, once again, Sonhe past, popular language. ‘My dad say to me, ‘ Son, you have a choice: part of the problem part of the problem, or you can be part of the solution ‘,’said Ryan.Sharonville persons, an assistant professor the chemical and molecular engineering at University Whiting School of Engineering, recently received a $ 150,000 bi – the Year grant from the March of Dimes Foundation to support those research, above them obtained a $ 310,000 four – year award in the American Heart Association to advance this promising trials.

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