In addition, its peak heart rate, blood pressure and fatigue levels were also higher when walking with poles higher .

The lead author of the study is Andrzej Lejczak, a physiotherapist at the Military Hospital in Wroclaw, He presented the results on 21 May in Belgrade, improved. At the Heart Failure Congress 2012, the most important annual meeting of the Heart Failure Association of the European Society of Cardiology.

The 24 participants have a test walking with Nordic walking poles and walking without poles.The researchers measured participants cardiorespiratory responses during the two tests.They found that in the healthy group, Nordic walking , oxygen consumption from a median of 37 percent increased, and resulted in a higher respiratory quotient with a median increase of 5 percent compared to walking without poles.####over the University of Oregon inThe University of Oregon in is a world-class learning and research institution and Oregon flagship public university. Which UO is a member of Association which American Universities , an association of sixty-two leaders public and private research facilities in the USA and Canadian. To RO is one of only two AAU Member to the Pacific Northwest.

The fourth co-author with Awh, Serences and eye Edward F. Was an UO doctoral. Serences had with the University of California, if the project is started to. Which research has been primarily by a grant from the National Institutes of Health a world-class order Awh and by assistance from the UO Harry and Beverly Lewis Center for Neuroimaging.

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