This story through collaboration between through cooperation between Washington Post and Kaiser Health News produced. KHN is an editorially independent news service, J quality and efficacy more info . Policy and the politics of health care providing. KHN is a service of the Kaiser Family Foundation.

Andngual staff. Investigates News / Washington Post, influence as language barriers, quality of care for immigrantKaiser Health News / Washington Post on Tuesday examined how linguistic and cultural barriers immigrants may from seeking care discouraged and could lead to ‘catastrophic mistake ‘in diagnoses and treatments.

– Concerning processed meat and and bowel cancer showing evidence gathered evidence gathered that each 50 gram portion processed meat eating per day increases bowel cancer risk by 21 %. Note: This means people eating a hot dog every day, a 21 % higher risk of of bowel cancer, anticipate if never eat hot dogs who).

The message: Learn more men will need in order be able know about healthy daily decisions that reduce the risk of cancer. About 1/3 the most common cancers could through by healthy nutrition, Perfecting motion and stay slim. We at AICR work every day to help people to make healthy decisions, we are are change the lives, committed to saving lives.

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