* Researchers found women were 14 % less likely received perfect stroke care – so-called error-free care – compared to men, said Reeves, lead author of the study uses . The study compared the use of several evidence-based treatments in more than 380,000 men and women hospitalized with a stroke to the hospital: the timely use of clot-busting drugs, aspirin , blood thinners, cholesterol treatment smoking cessation and prevention blood clots in the legs. – Although the absolute differences were modest, lower quality of care for women in all actions were seen, said Reeves. Stroke,ese gender differences in care are not explained by the obvious gender differences in factors such as age. .

Less likely to after stroke women Critical Care are received, MSU researchers findwomen are 30 % less likely than men to receive a critical clot-busting drug, as brain damage after a stroke can be limited, according to a Michigan State University study.The results of the study were 19th February in San Diego, presented at the International Stroke Conference the American Heart Association the American Heart Association and American Stroke Association.

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