– Linda Morris, CCNS Clinical Nurse Specialist Respiratory Care, Assistant Professor of Clinical Anesthesiology, Feinberg School of Medicine, President of the Nursing Education Consultants, Adjunct Clinical Instructor, Medical-Surgical Nursing, University of Illinois College of Nursing.

Almost two thirds of patients , that there are times when their prescription treatment is not sufficient to control their pain , certify to one of three patients almost one fifth is ‘intolerable ‘. Intensive short-term exacerbation of pain – More than 60 % of the prescribed analgesia affected by breakthrough pain , more than half experience it at least once per week, and almost one in five experience this type of pain several times a day. Despite their high pain almost one-fifth of these patients were prescribed weak opioid medications, and only 31 % were the strongest painkillers, strong opioids prescribed.. The results of the detailed study of these 514 patients showed that the majority of cancer patients receive prescription analgesics to manage their pain, but many of them reported limitations in their pain control.The scientific information provided is being discussed in this release in relation to new indications for our products is to temporary basis and investigative and is not part of the identification by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for the products. FDA clearance not authorized for used in research discussed in in this release , and not an indicator may be or want to draw conclusions about the security or efficacy of the products for these applications. Just with FDA may determine if that products is safe and effective for these applications.

With more than 19,000 patients into studies of indication worldwide, the denosumab developing Programme most ever been launched from Amgen. Treatment options breadth and depth developing program shows Amgen commitment for research and provide groundbreaking drugs for patients with unmet needs. Amgen studied denosumab in numerous types of tumor across the spectrum of cancerous – induced tissue disorders. More than 11,000 patients to the the denosumab oncological testing testing the medicament for the reduction of SRE in breast cancer, to alleviate treatment of -induced bone loss for patient with breast cancer or prostate, prevention of with Zometa to cancer spread the bone in patients multiple myeloma or those which retard under a plurality of solid cancers and their potential on of bone metastases in prostate cancer..

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