CSI and Fabien Cousteau’s Mission 31 examine effect of sleep in people living underwater USA Navy and NASA researchers have got each examined the influence of sleep in individuals living and working underwater but experts with Clayton Sleep Institute in St. Louis are wishing to gain new insight with a report in cooperation with Fabien Cousteau's Objective 31. The study teams the sleep experts with aquanauts to examine how elements such as low light publicity, ambient pressure, surroundings gas mixtures, stress and isolation may impact rest.We thank UnitedHealth Group for helping us to continue meeting the vital health care needs of our communities. The staff can be fluent in English and nine Asian languages: Cantonese, Khmer, Korean, Lao, Mandarin, Mien, Mongolian, Vietnamese and Tagalog. Asian Health Services serves a lot more than 20,000 patients and receives more than 90,000 patient visits each year. We thank UnitedHealth Group for helping us to keep meeting the vital health care requirements of our communities. UnitedHealth Group presents health benefits, including commercial and Medicare health programs, to more than 2.8 million Californians, and partners with about 50,000 physicians over the continuing state..

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