2) Fujii T, ERCC1 predicts the response of cisplatin-based neoadjuvant chemotherapy in non – small cell lung cancer. Lung Cancer 2007; 08:025 contacts .correlates 3) Lord RV, Low ERCC1 expression with prolonged survival after cisplatin plus gemcitabine chemotherapy in non – small cell lung cancer. Clin Cancer Res 2002; 8:228 – 91.

‘The ERCC1 test complements our growing menu of personalized tests, the response to treatment in NSCLC predict,’said Celeste Chenet – Monte, Director of Marketing, Oncology at Genzyme Genetics. ‘Other tests on our menu include EGFR and KRAS mutation analysis, ALK gene rearrangements and EGFR amplification, all for the prediction of response may be used on targeted therapies for the treatment of patients with advanced NSCLC. Clinical trialsIs a 5 – year retrospective study in the New England Journal of Medicine was published, was overall survival was significantly longer for patients with ERCC1-negative tumors who received adjuvant cisplatin chemotherapy when in the control group were treated, compared with surgery alone . Among patients with ERCC1-positive tumors, there was vs. No significant difference in survival between the adjuvant chemotherapy group and the control group .

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– Rituximab , is combination with methotrexate an option for treat adults with recommended severe active rheumatoid arthritis who have had inadequate response others disease-modifying antirheumatic reacts , including the treatment of with at least one TNF antagonist, and is intolerant of other DMARDs used. To treatment with rituximab should not be given more frequently than every six months and should be continued only if there a proper response[ 1].

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