Many things can affect sleep quality of and Cohrs the team the team for factors such as age, weight , and alcohol abuse. But smoking even worse quality of sleep was linked. The study can be comprised 1071 smokers and 1243 Non smoking, which were free from mental disorders because these conditions a person is both more likely to smoke and more to to sleep problems – .

Poor sleep quality can not only your waking hours harder. Some studies have also brought routinely bad sleep leads to health problems such as obesity, diabetes and heart disease.Out of WW1 against war in Iraq American soldiersedish Armed Forces have restricted their safety In conclusion the study shows that the maximum peak level by the blast furnace generated by the firing of specific guns led to small but measurable effects on the brain of pigs and rats. This is naturally a vocational issue Swedish Armed Forces has , given the results of this study, the Swedish military is allowed limitations concerning the number of the firing rounds in a person to be in a single day will be exposed to initiated says Annette south lj?.

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