Meat should be frozenguess the experts the flesh the meat, as they did with other foods from animal sources, as these parasites detected. Industrial processing and proper cooking can also kill off pathogens treatment course . In the EU. The Scientific Panel on Biological Hazards of the European Food Safety Authority provides independent scientific advice on issues that directly or indirectly to to food security, including the risks associated with eating reptile meat – .

Citation: Simone Magnino, Pierre Colin, Eduardo Dei – Cas, Mogens Madsen, Jim McLauchlin, Karsten N ckler, Miguel Prieto Maradona, Eirini Tsigarida, Emmanuel Vanopdenbosch and Carlos Van Peteghem? ‘Biological risks associated with the consumption of reptile products are connected. ‘International Journal of Food Microbiology 134 163, September 2009.

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Assigns Lewis however , several problems with the research rear the new guidelines. In the patients were not in the observational studies she on to different blood pressure targets, could the apparent benefit of lower blood pressure from other ‘disruptive ‘factors. ‘The information does not support the current blood pressure regulations for patients with CKD meeting the standard of an primary endpoint a randomized trial,’says Lewis.

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