The investigation showedep sleep and enhance associated memories after awakeningThey were in a deep sleep, yet sounds, meow like a teakettle whistle and a cat that somehow penetrated their slumber.The 25 tones were presented during the NAP memories of earlier spatial learning, though the Northwestern University research participants know the sounds as if they were asleep .

Prior to the nubs 12 study participants were taught to associate each of 50 images with a random location on a computer screen with a corresponding Each object, such as a wine glass was breaking. With an appropriate sound, such as the paired supplied by broken glass, via a speaker Yet were repeat studies were given to study participants rather well put all the objects in their assigned places learned. Approximately 45 minutes after learning, each participant reclined in a quiet, darkened room. Electrodes to the scalp measured their brain activity, indicating when they were asleep. Sleep sounds were presented without waking anyone up. When asked later, none of the participants thought sounds had been played during the naps. Nevertheless, memory tests showed that the objects were. Precisely to the assigned them sounds during sleep than for those who were not cued cued Our little experiment opens the door to many questions, Paller said.

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