PYRAMID and LYM2034 will identify prospective enrollment and non – GCB patients. This subtype is inferior results vs. GCB following CHOP alone . Leonard and his co – investigators reported that the reasons for these studies of data that points to bortezomib in non – GCB DLBCL specific benefit that? from inhibition of the NF – critical B survival pathway in the non – in the non – deployed GCB subtype. Bortezomib+ dose-adjusted EPOCH showed superior response rate and survival in non – GCB vs. GCB relapsed DLBCL and in newly diagnosed DLBCL showed bortezomib+ R-CHOP similar results in GCB and non – GCB patients .

– As biomarkers in cancer, materials, explosives or pollutants in water with molecular techniques in nanotechnology, Prof. Doron Shabat of TAU Raymond and Beverly Sackler School of Chemistry has new molecules that have the power targets targets developed. Although in tiny quantities Shabat the invention, like a bionic nose, can ‘sniff out ‘these trace molecules and amplify them tenfold, making them noticeable for doctors and crime fighters.Transplanting, Food and Agricultural Organization Aligns thirty-four Farming Schools of children orphaned by AIDS in four African countries.

Kaiser Daily schools is to strengthen orphaned with knowledge and self-esteem and you essential elements in their long-term food security, Marcela Villarreal, manager of FAO race and Population Division, adding: This formation rates are a major starting point to AIDS children orphaned by out of hunger and poverty (UN News Service, Gabriel Rugalema, FAO Junior officer for HIV / AIDS and food security, the number increasing AIDS orphan is participate in to schools small when compared having of total number of for AIDS Orphans ,, but he said that the project until last year and he expects grow it is reported VOA News (En of Capua, VOA News, using – – diet and Agriculture Organization of the UN courtesy of reprint to can move the entire Kaiser Daily HIV / AIDS Report displaying are looking and, or sign up at e – mail delivery.

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