New evidenceaturated fat contributes to heart disease? Think Again.three decades, three decades, saturated fat has culprit culprit for cardiovascular disease and as a result nutritional advice, recommending reduced consumption of this macronutrient. However, new evidence shows that saturated fat has only a very limited impact on CVD risk – which is ‘saturated fat bad ‘many to rethink the paradigm.

In healthcare acquired infections to hospitals to hospitals. Nursing homes, rehabilitation centers and other long-term care facilities are equally at risk. Understanding and Understanding and Controlling Pathogens: Applying Lessons Learned from Legionella shown that most affected by most affected by these invisible microbes the people who are owed a higher level of care – premature and newborn infants, the elderly, people undergoing cancer treatment or the immunocompromised transplant patients, and patients in intensive care . Stout describes a protocol for prevention and discusses the technologies found most effective in controlling exposure to waterborne microbes – copper / silver ionization, chlorine dioxide and point-of-use filtration by Pall – Aquasafe filters.‘With kind permission of can show the entire Kaiser Daily Health policy coverage from, Yearch the archives and sign up for email notification in the Emperor Daily Health policy coverage strongly committed kaiser network. A free service from of The Henry J. Published. Kaiser Family Foundation. 2005 Advisory Board Company and Kaiser Family Foundation. All rights reserved.

In letters to Aetna and Cigna is, questioned Cuomo of insurers the use of one of claims dates including to specialists According to Cuomo contain contain claim dates all the and and able skew ranking. He also criticized the insurance company the accuracy of, the accuracy of the ranking and said insurance to physicians costing less but maybe not the best qualified ‘a profit-making are ‘are recommended. Cuomo requested Aetna and Cigna to view details about the criteria that they use to routeRANK doctor, as that insurance company measuring a physician capacity and the incentives are used to treat patients to or away from suppliers draw. – Linda Lacewell, Council for Economic and Social Justice of Office the Attorney General, in a letter General Counsel Mount Etna James Brown writing: ‘This program carries significant risk of of consumer confusion, when do not deceive,’adding: ‘the attorney generally of promoting transparency on behalf of consumer ‘ committed .

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