, for more information on the case studies MSU Marina Alberti Steve Carpenter Carl Folke Jianguo Jack Liu Emilio Moran Alice Pell .

Contacts: Jianguo ‘Jack ‘Liu, Center for Systems Integration and sustainability Thomas Dietz, Environmental Science and Policy Program, William Taylor, fishing and wildlife Jamie Depolo, Michigan Agricultural Experiment Station.New in Data from the Naofumi Mukaida and generating generated in Kanazawa University, a central role in for the soluble factors, TNF-alpha the developing colorectal cancer in mice lacking inflammation of the gut has induced by the administration of azoxymethane followed by repeats dextran sulfate sodium swallowing. Expression of of TNF-alpha were in the large intestine of normal mice AOM AOM and DSS increasing and this has been development of tumors in the colon. Where one of receptors for TNF-alpha and with an antagonist with an antagonist of TNF-alpha protect clearly from the treatment effects of AOM and DSS development of less inflammation of the colon and fewer tumors in the colon. Later by the medrapid by the authors and on by Ezra Burstein and Eric R. Fearon in an accompanying commentary This data clear reasoning to the idea Ann Arbor, Michigan to antagonization of TNF-alpha may be useful to in reducing the risk of colon in subjects with ulcerative colitis..

####TITLE: blockade of of TNF-alpha in mice reduction colorectal carcinogenesis affiliated with chronic colitis.

AUTHOR CONTACT U.S.: Naofumi Mukaida Graduate School of Medical Science, in Kanazawa University, Kanazawa,Accompanying comment TITLE: colitis and cancer: a history of inflammatory cells and their cytokine.

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