Asked Worse, no favor of a victim of flu likely evokes a well-rehearsed sequence of grotesque moans, followed by a dramatic series of short cough and then a reminder that he seen is with a disease that never yet has come. – ‘The man – flu is best described as a hangover, which is said to make you feel bad for him, ‘Leanne said. A term coined in the vernacular in the United Kingdom, the man – flu uses a tongue-in-cheek term used to describe someone’s experience always the common cold – .

The report identifies young adolescent girls who are not sexually active as the key group to be vaccinated, though ‘catch-up ‘programs for slightly older girls could be helpful in presenting the benefits of the vaccine. The report stressed, however, that is an addition to cervical cancer vaccination and that a strong emphasis on national screening programs must be maintained. While the ECDC report proves when and how HPV vaccination programs could be effective, decisions about whether to introduce them lie with the EU Member States. A number of countries are considering the introduction of HPV vaccination programs, and some have already done. – In his speech to the European Cervical Cancer Summit in Brussels, said Professor Johan Giesecke, ECDC Chief Scientist:.. New ECDC report finds vaccination of girls is an effective strategy against cervical cancerA scientific report by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control published to find that the vaccine against the Human Papillomavirus is an effective prevention strategy cervical cancer.Photodynamische therapy uses light sensitive drugs light of a certain light of a certain wavelength, are energized and burn away cancer cells.

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