Notesresearch report.The research findings described in the press release in the 21th December 2010 online issue of Nucleic Acids Research titled found giraf: Computational identification of influenza reassortment via graphics mining. .

In the United States Parents needed to reduce teenage births among Hispanics, says Group A coalition of Hispanic organizations on Tuesday urged the parents of Hispanic teens and their children to talk about sex to the high birth rate among teenage a halt to the group , which do / McClatchy Miami Herald reports. Hispanics are predicted to get up to 25 percent of the youth population. Nationwide by 2025 and the efforts to curb their teen pregnancy rate is the key to reducing unintended pregnancies among adolescents after all the McClatchy / Herald More than half of Hispanic girl is in their teens before 20 Age pregnant – almost twice the national average and the highest of any ethnic group in the U.S., according to coalition which includes MANA, a National Hispanic Women’s Organization.However, it is interesting to note data of the activated genes vary considerably. ‘During the larval stage, 25 % of the genes for eye development enabled are used to different genes regulate You could say that they stage in the evolution stage in the evolution of the eye Over the dolls level most of the are used to be used to creating structure of structure and when the insect is fully grown, gene activity being highly clearly focused on the functionality and transfer light stimuli. ‘.

The analysis of data in greater detail and said comparative with corresponding measurements from mouse, the researchers the project work shows to Drosophila. 1,033 proteins that manufactures major also eye development of mice This information can include many proteins are only while only during the late stages of history of the eye. This is the strong evidence that the eye is sorts of insects and mice are more closely related than previously thought.

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