CHOP expert to get Pediatric Oncology Award from ASCO The American Society of Clinical Oncology today announced it will confer among its highest awards on pediatric oncologist Garrett M. Brodeur, M.D behandling-av-prematur-ejakulasjon.html ., of the Cancer Center at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. Brodeur will have the Pediatric Oncology Award and deliver the Pediatric Oncology Lecture on Friday, May 31 during the ASCO annual conference in Chicago. The Award and Lecture recognize ‘exceptional scientific work of main importance to the field of pediatric oncology’ during the course of a career. Brodeur can be an professional in neuroblastoma, the most typical solid tumor of childhood.

Dr. Theil’s discovery of an alternative solution mechanism for iron absorption from vegetables and legumes might provide the key to helping solve iron deficiency by providing an alternative, affordable, and easily available supply of iron Within an forthcoming publication in The Journal of Nourishment , Dr. Theil and her international colleagues demonstrate that there surely is an alternative mechanism for the absorption of ferritin, a big, protein-coated iron mineral rich in legumes, in addition to the more well-known mechanism for iron absorption of small iron complexes like those found in iron supplements. ‘Our research demonstrates this different system of iron absorption from plant ferritin is certainly more efficient and provides the intestinal cells more control.

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