By KPBS, an estimated 5300 population – are infected with HIV in Belize, which is almost double the prevalence of HIV in Guatemala and eight times the prevalence of HIV in Mexico – or 2.5 percent of the adult population. Paul Edwards, director of the HIV / AIDS programs for Belize Ministry of Health, that factors in the country with a high HIV prevalence, a culture, have in the men is often more than one sexual partner, and there is a high rate of sexual activity, youth, before high school graduation, often. Without any method of contraception or prevention of disease In addition, cross many Belizean man the border into Guatemala a prostitute prostitutes.

The Venue clinical situations: clinical situations: – Venue 40 Vascular Access: Allows placement of peripheral or central lines with exceptional visualization of anatomy and needle at the bedside. – Venue 40 Anesthesia: Increases precision and clinical confidence with clear V The device could be used an ICU an ICU patient’s heart function and anatomy, or to identify life-threatening abnormalities or free fluid in a trauma patient in the emergency room will be.The first study will be investigating which safety and efficacy EZN-2968, an LNA based The antisense oligonucleotide of, of patients solid tumor mainly having the liver. The second trial will explore the modulation of the HIF-1? solid tumors following treatment with EZN-2208 used in combination with Avastin.

Avastin the initiation of two Phase I trials for in cooperation with the National Cancer Institute.

Enzon Pharmaceuticals, Inc. announced the initiation the phase I clinical trials in cooperation with the National Cancer Institute , of two of the company novel oncology drug candidates EZN-2968 and EZN – 2208 . Both EZN – 2968-2208 and have down EZN HIF-1 it was shown modulating? An A subassembly of HIF-1 HIF-1 is often in Crab cells and can upregulation upregulation in gene products important for tumor invasion, migrating angiogenesis and the production of vascular endothelial growth factor overexpressed. Investigations NCI NCI below Clinical Trial arrangements with a Enzon.

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