The drug.TP-38, on the other hand, is one of a class of drugs known as immunotoxins known. These drugs look for cancer cells and destroy them with a toxin. TP-38 can not slip through the blood-brain barrier, says Dr. Schwartz employs catheter and an emerging technology as convection-enhanced delivery , to deliver the drug into the brain known.

Life-threatening life-threatening brain tumors in two clinical trialsneurosurgeon Dr. John Boockvar and Dr. Theodore Schwartz are in clinical research studies, such as the outlook for patients with brain tumors such as glioblastoma and anaplastic astrocytoma improve study conditions . GBM and AA are particularly deadly and aggressive cancers that grow back and spread throughout the body , even after surgeons tend to remove the original tumor.A subject in tree-like channels, responding multiple layers out of treated paper the blood to form diagnostic Colours. ‘.. CNN examines the job of a Harvard University in to ‘shrink to ‘shrink a medical laboratory to a scrap of paper example about size of a fingerprint and one penny be. ‘According to George Whiteside, tree-like created a prototype of the inexpensive paper ‘smart ‘, the technology could also be used to diagnose disease such as HIV, malaria and tuberculosis in the developing world.

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