On Wednesday expressed Bachelet disapproval of the decisions of Argentina,. Cuba and Ecuador suspended flights to and from Mexico, Chile believes in solidarity between Latin Americans (AFP / MSN Philippine News.

it is urgent to ensure, on the one side, access for all developing countries to an effective vaccine, when available, and of course of appropriate treatment of appropriate treatment to combat this disease, Calderon said.* Addition of information on the human granulocytic anaplasmosis and babesiosis, diseases which both affect the same same tick, of Lyme disease transmits, – * Recommended a single dose of of antibiotic to certain high-risk patients from a tick by a tick but no symptoms of Lyme borreliosis;. * 95 % of the from Lyme borreliosis cure by 10 – 28 days oral antibiotic.

Evidence based medicine about diagnosis, treatment the Lyme disease By The Infectious Diseases Society of America Publication.

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