Cantu MD of Emerson Hospital, Concord, Massachusetts, has studied catastrophic injuries in many sports, he says, although catastrophic head injuries in football declined since special regulations in force, the players will still returned to the field with symptoms a previous head injury. the most important advice I can give is never play an athlete football when no neurological symptoms at all has said Dr. Bottom These symptoms may amnesia, dizziness, headache, irritability and personality are. Change in the difference in catastrophic head injuries between high school and college theorized theorized ground: High school students might take longer for a concussion, recover as a college players Another possible reason for these violations be reported that it as many as many team physicians high school games as college games.

The LE-35 received the UL certified is covered by is covered by Burton two-year warranty.Source: Burton Medical, Incand coauthorsHead Injury three times more often in high school football players than college playersThe incidence of catastrophic head injuries in football is dramatically higher at the high school level than at the college level, according to a study in the July issue publishes The American Journal of Sports Medicine.This study was conducted by labeling vasopressin the neurons of the the rat brain the hypothalamus with the green fluorescent protein possible to? Prof. OKADA tells that There is a surprising finding, Can be expected the same style of vasopressin receptor exist like the the brain and kidney in the to on operation. It can be expected to change the state of brain edema that clarify along swells with brain trauma or the cerebral. Developing infarct, and his of treatment. This result Background supported by Grants-in – Aid for Scientific Research, which MEXT, Japanese.


In contrast, they found that the vasopressin let go vasopressin neuronal at the brain is, is not blood, In If the surrounding body fluid it is diluted more than usual. Normally the more the body fluid is diluted neuronal neural swell. Swell. However, their results is show that the vasopressin in the brain leads the size of vasopressin neurons even if which body fluid is longer thinned. In addition, it was made clear that. The vasopressin sensor protein (receptor currently considered currently considered to to be only in the kidney, to use this was in the brain in conjunction..

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