Repetitive movements – repetitive motions can significantly increase the risk of tendinitis or recurrence of the disease. Avoid them, or at least regularly taking breaks will help reduce the risk. People whose jobs involve repetitive movements that may increase the risk of tendinitis occur should discuss preventive strategies with their employer.

Tennis / golfer ‘s elbow – the aspect of the elbow is painful. Epidondylitis medial pain is in the center of the elbow and is common among golfers. The pain is more acute when trying to lift against a force. The pain sometimes radiates to the wrist.Former small polio campaign Sudan in 2006 have led into 1.3 million children to Darfur in Darfur. Do not polio cases have report all over in Sudanese since June 2005, in 2004, Sudan had declared polio-free shortly before. With many children in difficult areas, and the risks associated with cross-border transfer of exile National Immunization Day campaign are a critical In addition to routine immunization endeavors, especially in health infrastructures in many parts in many parts of the country.

Polio vaccine itself will be administered to by means of two small drops at a child’s mouth, so that it is one of the easiest immunization of processes. In developing countries border development, be supported by UNICEF and WHO, is all required enable a local volunteers, will carry immunizations.

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