Pain – in all its manifestationsThe LMAM laboratory has worked with the Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Management at the Morges hospital Buchser heads, for ten years. Our initial studies focused on acute pain, and then we moved into the more known persistent, nagging ailments such as chronic pain read article . However, we have had very little objective information. Upon the intensity of this kind of pain .

Chronic pain. Pain can quickly and objectively with the new ‘ Barcode ‘ Tool Evaluated As we move forward is an excellent indicator of the overall health when we feel good, we move around constantly when we are in pain, we can reduce our physical activity. This observation may trivial, but it has led to a unique approach to assess chronic pain. A team from EPFL’s laboratory of Movement Analysis and Measurement has a smart, easy – to-use visual tool medical doctors developed developed pain levels. The research appears online in the journal PLoS One. Movement an objective indicator of pain you move differently when you are a pain, as you do when you are perfectly healthy, explains EPFL scientists Anisoara Ionescu. It is important for doctors to be able to rate the pain as precisely as possible. Using data collected by sensors placed at various parts of the body, she says, a doctor can treat a patient suffering quantify, to monitor progress and adjust accordingly.

Long-term health maternity is good for female healthcareHold a Jobs and being a mum in a fixed relationship helps to women healthy and in good shape in the long term, beats research the the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health. These pursues the long-term health of British men and women birth in the year 1946 throughout their lives.

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