The basic safety of the remedies are about to be reviewed by a panel of professionals but the FDA says the warning should be directed at individuals of all ages and not simply children and the products will continue to be monitored. The risk of a pandemic in recent years has prompted many governments across the world to amass stocks of Tamiflu as a precaution. Japanese Health authorities currently warn against the usage of Relenza and Tamiflu in individuals aged 10-19. Roche says there is no definite proof of a causal romantic relationship between Tamiflu and abnormal behavior and says medical and nonclinical studies are being executed.Three cups of black or green tea extract reduced threat of stroke by 21 percent, that was afterwards negated by another research claiming systolic blood circulation pressure and inflammation were not reduced on concluding the observational study after nearly half a year. Controversial results led to both National Institutes of Health insurance and the National Center for complementary and Alternative Medication reserving opinion about results related to improve cardiovascular function on consuming tea.

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