‘ This finding suggests use a single use a single anxiety-provoking experience as a speech to a best best way to study the relationship between social anxiety and alcohol consumption. People with social anxiety seem to learn that drinking before and during performance events, is, in fact, counter-productive, an increase in increased anxiety due to poor performance. .

Finallyomas. Asked about their achieved using alcohol as a coping mechanism, the practice of avoiding social situations if alcohol were not available, and the degree of relief by drinking alcohol. Four were considered social interactions, as meeting people Participants even about the use of alcohol during the 11 specific situations – We have found that to alleviate the drinking to social problems is a common practice in both groups, but that individuals with social anxiety with alcohol for this purpose more often, and they would drink both in anticipation of and during social situations said Thomas.. This study investigates Thomas and colleagues 46 subjects who divided evenly into two groups with similar demographic variables and alcohol use: 23 had high social anxiety, and 23 ‘ controls ‘ were not socially anxious.Non-university institutions overhead Finance from the DFG greeted.

The German Research Association Welcomes the establishment out of overhead financing for research. This is a crucial step in which research and reward successful scientists and Universities of strengthen , DFG President Matthias classified explained in Bonn, after agreement which Heads of State the Federal government and states to finance the indirect overhead costs in the context of ‘ Higher Education Covenant 2020 .

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