Professor Latz has addressed this issue in collaboration with Dr. Peter D by the LMU Munich, Professor Veit Hornung, also of the University of Bonn, and fellow researchers from the U beställa här .S.? The researchers the first time first time in identifying the molecular trigger for inflammation in large blood vessels. We have found, potentially fatal a certain type of food, cholesterol crystals are deposited in the arterial walls after a relatively short time, says Dr. These crystals are then taken up by the immune system macrophages. This is being launched a disastrous chain reaction. The unhealthy food results in the accumulation of cholesterol crystals that an inflammasome activate complex within the macrophages. Of this of this multi-protein complex is the release of inflammatory the release of inflammatory mediators. Mediators then drag more and more immune cells to the site where , the growing, the growing invasion destabilized ultimately the vascular walls with potentially life-threatening consequences. Gout in the arteries Very similar processes with cases of gout are observed, explains Professor Latz, although primarily in the joints . Extremely painful attacks of gout may be triggered by an unhealthy diet. This time, however, the culprit is not fat but nucleic acids from, for example, muscle tissue . The uric acid formed in the digestion and then crystallized. In stressful situations.ash a powerful inflammatory response.

The error was either the underlying cause of or be a factor in more than 1,900 fatalities between 1996 and 2008.

The research in herbal medicine Research magazine was made published, is an example of the trailblazing plunge for the Strathclyde Department of Pharmacy and Biomedicine in develop new drugs against illness and conditions including diseases , heart disease and schizophrenia. 8 million fundraising event is underway for Last? By the Institute 36 million buildings expand Your their innovative research and teaching in the medicine detection, development and use. Dr., Lecturer in natural product chemistry at the Institute, and their family She said: ‘of MRSA may be devastating effects on people that are who him and their families, many times compounding process illnesses You already have.

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