Question: Is there any effective ways to treat infections of the sinuses using alternative medicine?large number of patients large number of patients in this country for the treatment of for the treatment of sinusitis – and there are plenty available. No randomized controlled trial demonstrated conclusively that herbal remedies for sinusitis work, but many of my patients feel that they receive a benefit from talking to do this alternative form of therapy. And I do not mind, she does so, as long as it does not prevent it. With conventional therapy as well.

Other alternative forms of therapy, acupuncture or acupressure, which is particularly suitable for patients with persistent facial pain or headache, do not get better , despite conventional therapy, recurrent infections, where the pain is the primary problem.‘Sustained efforts are long ongoing secure and effective safe and effective vaginal microbicide for African women. We must the same amount of engagement and resources for developing of safe, effective, Even and accessible to rectally microbiocides to African, regardless of sexual identity or sexual orientation as. ‘.. ‘We still facing considerable hurdles in terms of human rights for gay men, MSM and transgender people in African, however collective, long-term efforts made by the lawyers and scholars are in fact increase the denial of around anal sex in the African context, ‘said Ukpong Ukpong , New HIV Vaccines and microbicides Advocacy Society Nigerian, IRMA member of and a key architects of the project ARM policy.

IRMA are release on the area map: guarantee Africa’s place in Rectal Microbicide Research and Advocacy a special evening reception in the international Microbicides 2012 Conference in the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Center.

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