Radiation therapy is commonly used to treat the more than 40,000 U.S. Patients a year the the advanced head and neck cancer. After radiotherapy, Doctors often work to remove the affected lymph nodes. But in some cases, doctors say UF operation is not necessary, and may increase recovery time, lead to infection and may compromise a patient’s quality of life.

By comparing nodes visualized on a CT scan with the same nodes after they were removed, the researchers developed criteria doctors use to identify nodes using a non-invasive CT, whether the disease was knocked might consider. Nodes are considered free of cancer were 1.5 centimeters or smaller and had on the sharply defined on the CT scan, rather than fuzzy.E-mail reports increases in HIV diagnosisThere were 19 new cases to HIV diagnosis to Montana since the beginning of the year, while the state has public usually an average of about 20 new cases per year, by a recent report from the state Department of Health and Human Services, the Reg. / KXNet.com trusted .

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