The settings chosen for the leukaemia cases in this research tended to live further from power lines compared to the handles selected for other cases of childhood cancer. The reason behind this is not clear and it is possible that, by possibility, the leukaemia settings were unrepresentative. A sensitivity evaluation in the paper using the handles for other diagnoses reported a leukaemia risk that was still raised but smaller than that in the main analysis. Comparisons with prior studies Numerous epidemiological studies possess explored whether there exists a link between power lines and childhood malignancy. These studies must take into account the possibility that, if any such link were established, it could not be because of fields from the energy lines but rather be caused by social or demographic elements that differ between those who live near power lines and those who live further apart.The aquanauts also held personal diaries of their rest experiences. ‘Research literature up up to now for sleep in people underwater hasn’t shown very much in the form of sleep disturbances. We think that's as the study period hasn't been prolonged; only two weeks for the most part with a hint of disturbance at the very end just,’ said Drake. ‘That's what we are centered on and concerned regarding.’ Ojile said the info collected could potentially help to treat patients with sleep disorders. ‘Data from extreme conditions can often be used in normal conditions,’ Ojile said. ‘We might learn something interesting about adjustments in the aquanauts' circadian rhythms, or the length of time it takes for his or her rest to normalize after surfacing may be noteworthy. The exciting thing is that we don't know very well what the study will show.

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