There is absolutely no known cause or treatment for Alzheimer Disease. However, there is medicine to treat a few of the symptoms. Alzheimer Disease can strike adults at any age, but occurs most in people over 65 commonly. There are two types of Alzheimer Disease: Familial Autosomal Dominant , a uncommon form of the disease, and the more prevalent Sporadic. An estimated 364,000 Canadians or 1 in 13 older than 65 now have Alzheimer Disease or a related dementia.1 By the full year 2031, it’s estimated that over 3/4 million Canadians could have Alzheimer Disease or a related dementia.1 This figure does not include the countless family who must cope with the effects of the condition.‘Herpes infects mucous membranes, such as the vision or lip, and generates viral contaminants,’ lead writer Dr. Elaine Bearer, a pathology professor at the University of New Mexico College of Medicine, stated in a written declaration released in conjunction with the scholarly study. ‘These viral contaminants burst out of the cells of the mucous membrane and enter sensory nerve cells where they travel in the nerve toward the brain.’ By tagging herpesvirus contaminants with green fluorescent proteins and searching at them with an electron microscope then, scientists were able to watch them influence nerve cells with techniques that seem to lead to Alzheimer’s. ‘It’s no more a matter of identifying whether HSV1 is definitely involved with cognitive decline, but rather how significant this involvement is usually,’ Bearer said.

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