Experts had previously assumed that renin was mainly excreted by the kidneys. We we mast cell mast cell renin locally during heart attack or other acute cardiovascular events published the heart is explain why the heart is especially prone to arrhythmias at these times, ‘said study author senior researcher Dr. Roberto Levi, professor of pharmacology at the Weill Cornell Medical College.. The finding, reported in the current issue of the Journal of Clinical Investigation, follows the team recent breakthrough discovery that local cardiac mast cells renin renin.

Inhibiting local renin production might prove a valuable new means of preventing these dangerous arrhythmias, he added. In our experiments, Dr. Triggers renin by local mast cells produces cardiac arrhythmias via a series of biochemical steps. One of the big tasks as renin is an enzyme to break down a large molecule protein called angiotensinogen into a smaller molecule called angiotensin 1, he said.Dr Nugent said: Ambient Intelligence being to be is one of our rapidly expanding fields of research and the next step in technology assisted living centers older persons. .. Dr Nugent said that even though the project is still in the an early stage of, the initial study was valuable input and guidelines on initial technical development based provided. Low level the use our first technical solutions in the summer of 2007 in Northern Ireland, Swedes and the Netherlands, where we plan to to evaluate assess rudimentary issues such as usefulness and usability of of technologies, he said – his first year the project for developing this low-level technologies with one eye on ahead about ambient intelligence and extended options contextual consciousness and automated support for functions to stay.

Be described Following the results first study of people with dementia, her unmet needs, the project partners are are now working on a communicable cognitive prosthesis, started to help with a information, communication, security and reminders. For example the first function , which is currently will be in development, Press the the screen Dialling ‘, where the user only comprising an image with an image on the unit a phone connection to a trained attendant or any member of made family. Feature function utilizes Radio Frequency Identification technologies that the movements of the patient and send an alert when they forget or have to to take medicine.

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