Check out for more patient information about pancreatitis.. Antioxidant supplementation effective in relieving discomfort in chronic pancreatitis Antioxidant supplementation was found to be effective in relieving pain and reducing levels of oxidative stress in individuals with chronic pancreatitis , reports a fresh research in Gastroenterology. CP is usually a progressive inflammatory disease of the pancreas in which patients experience abdominal pain and diabetes and maldigestion .Similarly, the researchers have noticed that not doing one hour of exercise a day increases the risk of high blood circulation pressure by 50 percent. ‘Scientific evidence indicates that exercise is a powerful vasodilator. Therefore, the price of oxygenation of the center increases, and at the same time, decreases arterial pressure,’ concludes F. De Moraes.

CUMC researchers identify cellular defect that may lead to potential brand-new treatment for diabetes A cellular defect that may impair the body's ability to handle high glucose levels and could point the best way to a potential new treatment for diabetes provides been identified by Columbia University Medical Center researchers.

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