The New York Times examines the debate about whether the United States and other wealthy nations to spend too much on AIDS, requires lifelong medications, compared with diarrhea and other leading killer of children, pneumonia, treated both of which are can cost-effectively . According to the newspaper, [d] iarrhea kills 1.5 million young children each year in developing countries – more than AIDS, malaria and measles – but only 4 in 10 of those who oral rehydration solution that for the deaths prevent pennies can you have it. .

The article describes progress in that direction, the scientists odors odors in human breath and skin with diabetes, Cancer and other diseases associated identified. Are are also trying to only recognize the ‘smell of deception,’or chemical changes that may help with increased stress, monitor and identify occur, for example, terrorists planning to an airplane an airplane and criminals intent to rob a bank.

The participants underwent MRI brain, like diffusion tensor imaging , a technique measured water molecule of movements of the brain. You completed tests verbal memory verbal memory, the word fluency and executive function, which process in the brain which allow to plan, decision making and selection of appropriate conduct.

For this study the scientists examined four hundred forty-seven stroke and dementia – free men to a mean age 63 years.

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