Research showsfirms – Sight loss is an emotional trauma , but support is greatly neglectedThe need for emotional support for people losing their sight is great, but the question of how best it offers under researched, under-funded and remains largely neglected, says a new study released today read .

Yielded the survey, the risk of depression especially in the elderly. Especially adults of working age were suffering before and more mental health problems and a reduction in their quality of life and social functioning.


Scar used as double-edged sword in the SCI – This saves a victim’s life, but sealing his destiny as a paraplegic and paralyzed. That scar forms a wall round the wound is and prevent which Danger of injury due the distribution, but restricts the capacity to neural regeneration. Keeping cell in the scars Release not molecules cut nerves in passage of damaged tissue and, so they can not associate in with your original purposes motor and sensory function of restoring. This research is by the NIH funding. The authors report no conflicts of interests.

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